Barrier Free Praise and Worship: Our first Resource Group features a multitude of online Ministries and worship resources (and a few you can visit) that offer video and audio content to feed your Soul right here, right now. We are also now developing a searchable database of barrier-free Churches, Synagogues and other local Houses of Worship. So if your House of Worship is barrier-free, please be sure to let us know.

Barrier Free Planet: This Resource Group includes a wide variety of online and real-world resources for support and encouragement to help you achieve your maximum potential. Whatever your situation might be, there are others who have been there. An amazing world of information, inspiration, and fellowship; and discussion of disability issues for disabled Americans.

Barrier Free Careers: This Resource Group will help you look for a job, post your résumé online, and locate employment services that will help you prepare and train for a better job. If you're an employer, we'll help you find the best online places to post your job offerings and search the résumés of current job-seekers.

Barrier Free Home and Garden: Life is easier when your environment is barrier-free. Find products & services to help take care of your home, locally in some areas, with online resources too, for independent living. Find what you need for those do-it-yourself projects you've been meaning to get to someday ... And reliable contractors who can do what you need to make home more livable and life a little easier!

Barrier Free Housing: Updated consumer information to help you in buying (or renting) an accessible home. Includes discussion of the Fair Housing Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, and other legislation that protects your rights. Includes links to housing-related resources.

Meanwhile, if you're shopping for housing, we suggest that you start by reading: What "Fair Housing" Means for People with Disabilities (Bazelon Institute)

Barrier-Free Fitness: This Resource Group will help you find great deals for many of your health and fitness needs, and find services that are available both online and locally. Includes diet and exercise information.

Barrier-Free Lifestyle: Information and discussion on how to live beyond the "illusion" of disability and make your lifestyle more barrier-free. Includes a wide variety of online resources for clothes, cosmetics, financial services, gifts, hair care, even pet care!

Barrier-Free Shopping: This Resource Group helps you avoid traffic and parking hassles, crowded stores, and hours of walking around searching for the "perfect buy"! Shop securely from right where you sit; and get the best deals on whatever you need at the BFC CyberMall.

Barrier-Free Driving: Online resources to help keep you driving in style. Great deals on what you need to maintain, repair, or customize your vehicle. Find yourself a new car; or rent a replacement while yours is in the shop. Local services are now listed in some metro areas. Soon, we will also be helping you locate barrier-free Auto, Van and SUV Dealers; Repair Shops; and Conversion Specialists ... in your neighborhood

Barrier-Free Travel: Locate services providing special accommodation for travelers with disabilities. On business travel, or on vacation! • Transportation Services — via land, sea, & air
• Hotels, Motels, etc.
• Vehicle Rentals
• and much more.
Get the best prices online when you travel anywhere, whether within the U.S. or anywhere in the World. Auto rentals are now also available locally in some areas.
Have a great trip!

Safety and Security: Resources to help protect you and those you love ... online - and on the street. Here's where to learn more about:
• Cyber attacks;
• Viruses and Spyware;
• Computer security;
• Fraud and Identity Theft
• Safe web-surfing for kids;
• Counter-Terrorism Efforts;
• Personal Safety;
• National Security;

... and much more!

Barrier-Free Diversions: This Resource Group features all sorts of cool things you can do online; and also online sources for cool things you can do at home; and entertaining places you can go; including online sources of tickets to a wide variety of concerts, sports events, theatrical events, and other diversions.

Explore the possibilities!

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